Saturday, 13 August 2011

Words: Speed

After a hectic few days and evenings, I've finally had time to sit and blog...and ponder words of speed.  I have always loved words and, in my teens, used to read the dictonary for fun (explains a lot, I know!).  My Roget's Thesaurus is one of my favourite books ever, and I have made 'Roget' a verb when I'm editing my work and looking for alternative words.  If you're interested in such things, I recommend the books 'Foyle's Philavery' and 'More Foyle's Philavery', by Christopher Foyle (Chambers) which are lists of unusual and pleasing words arranged alphabetically - heaven!  The set I bought included a plain-page (essential for me: see first post!) blank journal in the same design entitled 'My Foyle's Philavery' for you to write your own...

So, my busy days past have made me ponder 'speed' and here are some words I've Roget'd and found in 'My Philvaery':

Haste     Hurry     Scamper     Scurry     Dart     Dash     Pelt     Manic     Kamikaze     Hurtle     Velocity     Swoop     Gallop     Lope     Skedaddle     Flit     Bound     Stampede     Accelerate

I like the way these words resonate with sound and meaning; their rhythm.  Sometimes with a list of words like this I'll be inspired to write a short sketch, maybe even the beginning thoughts of a poem; sometimes I'll challenge myself to use the words in the scene I'm currently working on; but mostly I just read them, repeating them over and over, savouring them like fine chocolates.  In honour of this love of words, in the next few days I'll begin keeping a blog-list of Words of the Week - yum yum!

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