Thursday, 29 November 2012

WOYWW 182 - Belated!

This is a belated post - oops - hoping to grab those snoopers still looking at the (long!) list over at fabulous host Julia's Stamping Ground, and inviting (er, begging!) you to browse my workdesk. WOYWW-ing on the actual Wednesday was my intention...but unfortunately, it didn't come to fruition, so here I am today.

Such a terrible timekeeper am I, that I'm belated in two other things: paying homage to a fab craft weekend the other week, and welcoming a few new followers. My desk today addresses the first of these: my own creations from the Crafty Boots Design Team meet-up a fortnight ago, where I accompanied (er, tagged along with...) my good friend Zoe, who is one of the wonders of said team. I must say a huge thanks to all the lovely people I met; everyone was friendly, fun and generous in sharing their own craft and top tips. Special thanks go to Stephanie-Emma for organising the whole shebang, to Gabrielle for the book-cover workshop in which I managed this...

Your eyes do not deceive you - it isn't finished...yet! Though the idea was to create a kind of souvenir book to house the projects we completed on the day, I loved it so much I want to make it into a poetry chapbook of my work this year - so that's the plan, now I just need the time!
...and to Bev, whose workshop showed us how to make a felt flower brooch:

I really enjoyed this one, and happily hand-sewed while everyone else waited for a turn at the sewing machine! From Bev's tub of pretties, I chose a dewberry cluster (probably rescued from a broken necklace) rather than a button or some sparkles, and now I just need to find (or buy!) the right handbag to attach it to... 
It was a great weekend, and I really enjoyed learning new well as confirming that I don't like being messy! Since then, though, I've bought inks and done some stamping (for a Christmas present that I can't share - yet - as the friend in question sometimes looks on my blog!), so you're all rubbing off on me, after all!
Before I sneak off to nose at your wonderful WOYWW desks, I want to thank my new followers - I've been rather blog-shy these past few months, so imagine my surprise and delight to log on today and notice you! Many thanks for joining the Pen Pot and I hope you enjoy/chuckle at my mad ramblings.
Right then, the teapot is brewing and the day is all mine...let me get my snoop on!