Monday, 29 August 2011

Words Week

This past week has been a mixture of feeling ill, being busy, snatching moments to write (well, moments to think about and prepare notes ready to spend time writing today!), meeting up with friends, and celebrating my birthday – so it hasn’t left me much time to blog!

However, I have been top-notch at spotting interesting words instead, and so I’m going to share them here with you now, quickly and succinctly, because I’m hard at work on the initial thoughts and first draft of the next poem in my sequence...and I really need to spend time on it; after a week of pushing it to the bottom of the priority-pile, it deserves my effort and imagination.  (I’ll update the word list on the right-hand side of the screen tomorrow).

Words, then; these are the ones that have taken my fancy (for different reasons) – see if they take yours!

  Integrity     Flurry              Gallant                        Repose                        Beguile            Rhapsody

Rhythm            Luxury                        Journal             Swan               Immerse          Imbibe

Connection                Vibe               Toil                   Cappuccino              Drowse

       Purchase          Choice             Conundrum     Budgie                        Feline              Astral

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  1. Fab words, my word of the moment is percolate. I seem to be percolating many a thing including coffee!


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