Monday, 22 August 2011

Sean Bean isn't just a pretty face

I have always loved quotations, both literary and from films; words of wisdom; lines of poetry or song lyrics - any snippet that just captures that indefinable, profound, oh-my-god-someone-else-gets-me moment.  When I was in my teens, I'd write out pages of dialogue from TV programmes, movies and books that I found inspiring or that just resonated in some way (cue lots of 'Dawson Creek' angst - you have to wade through for the logic, but it is there, promise!), but now I confine myself to writing out a few lines/short paragraph on bright sugar paper, and tack them to my walls.

One of my favourites - and one which is a lesson to us all in life, whatever our particular thing is - comes from the film 'When Saturday Comes' starring Sean Bean (who is, rather, a hunk!).  He plays a footballer in a local team and Pete Postlethwaite's (great actor, by the way, sadly missed) character says:

"Potential's no bloody good if you haven't got the courage to do something with it."

So you see, my lack-of-football-interest-but-Sean-Bean-crush led me to watch a film which has a message that is so spot on, it's untrue.  Sean and Pete, you're both legends.

Let's see if I've - we've - got the courage, 'cause I believe I - we - have the potential.

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