Monday, 10 December 2012

A Shocking Discovery

A Shocking Discovery

At the grand old age of thirty-two
I'm unprepared for this, 'tis true:
Two strands of hair turned white,
Age ganged up on me in spite.
I've much hair yet to go to seed
But we all know where this path doth lead -
So as there's no Time-Backward cure,
Let me begin the Hair-Dye war.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hello, all you What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday-ers - and apologies to most of you, whom I didn't get round last week! Good intentions and all that - oops!

Still, here we are again: Wednesday, and sharing our creative spaces with fellow nosy crafters, courtesy of Julia over at Stamping Ground. As I'm a writer who crafts as a hobby, my actual desk is rather anti-craft in terms of space...

You can see my laptop (closed because not a lot of writing has been going on - boo!), green 'To Action' file covered in Post-Its, specific Novel Number Two notebook (also closed and collecting dust, at this rate!), and, to the right-hand side, Novel Number Two files (pink is my second-favourite colour, with red being my first - girly, moi?! Never!) all stacked up and waiting to be taken out and used!

My desk is in the cupboard-under-the-stairs, which I cleared out and converted into my study, or Scriptorium as I like to call it, several years ago. My crafting supplies have sneaked in to claim a spot to the right of my desk...

Embellishments and buttons are stored in old cranberry sauce jars (try some with a ham or turkey sandwich, and add in some brie if you're feeling indulgent...yum, yum!); next year's calendar is Novel Number Two themed (fashion and handbags play a large part of the story - all to be revealed...when I write the damn thing!) and waiting for January 1st to be daily-inspiring; the top shelf holds my small (yet growing...) collection of stamps and inks, plus an apron 'cause I hate getting messy!; the middle shelf has papers and card; and the bottom shelf hides all manner of bits and bobs. As you can see, I don't have that much room at the actual crafting happens on the kitchen countertop! There, at least, is space and natural light...

Before I away to snoop and nose at your desks, I wanted to share with you the completion of the Christmas present I was making last week. I can't show you the 3 individual canvases, as the friend in question sometimes pops by the Pen Pot (if I remember after Christmas, I'll post pics then!), but I can show you the 'handmade' tag I stamped and included in the wrapped-up box...

Hope you all have a good WOYWW for as many days as it lasts - I shall still be visiting on Sunday, I suspect!