Tuesday, 9 August 2011

50 Word Challenge: Book

There's a writing exercise known as 'The 50 Word Challenge' where you have to write about a topic in - yep, you've guessed it! - 50 words only, and usually (though not always) not name that topic.  It forces you to focus and think about the purpose, meaning, mood and perspective of what you write - but it can also be a bit of fun-fluff, where you don't have to think too much.  Sometimes, I'll use a photo or a picture to inspire a 50-word-er, other times it'll be a word/subject/topic.
     Here's one from a while ago on the subject of 'Book':
     To hold an event in your hand - incredible.  To hear a private thought - bewildering.  The anticipation as you begin, a rush of words and into the depths you have plunged.  To learn from mistakes you haven't made - enriching.  To view a vista planes away - amazing.  How tested you will be.

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