Sunday, 5 May 2013


During the past fortnight, my fingers have been flying over the laptop keys as I write - and I'm pleased with what I've achieved:

21st - 27th April = 1882 words written
28th April - 4th May = 1975 words written
= a total of 3857 words of proper narrative...yay!

Different writers manage different wordcounts when they settle down to work, and what is good for one is poor for another - but I'm not yet able (if I ever will be!) to write full-time; just like everyone else, I have to work for the bills to be paid...and then I have to do a little partying (admittedly very low-key - anyone want to join me and my friend Bev for a cuppa, bowl of strawberries and Hawaii 5 0 DVDs, anyone?!) to fulfil the social need we all have.

Yet for me, 3857 words in two weeks after months of thinking, characterisation-note-making and a smidge of planning is cause for celebration.

Best not make that celebration too long, though (just a gulp of tea, a bite of strawberry and a scene of Hawaii 5 0, then, eh?) because I've got this Bank Holiday off, so that's two more days in which to write...and more wordcount to be made, so I'd better get started!

~ ttfn ~

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  1. Yay!! Writing and blogging! I think blogging is a good way to celebrate your writing so keep sharing it with us, because we can cheer you on! Ok so I know I do that anyway but you know what I mean!! Take care Zo xx


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