Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 203

Hello again, WOYWW-ers - it's been several weeks since I've been able to join in with the fab global desk-hop, hosted by Julia over at Stamping Ground , but here I am today, and guess what...

...I've been WRITING! Yep, actual narrative; real book-stuff. Here's the desk-proof:

You can see my motivational (i.e. 'do something, damn it!') snippets on the wall; a mannequin wearing a gorgeous Monsoon top acting as muse; my Laura Ashley research file (filled with yummy notes and photos); a book on dressmaking that I should've already read but WILL do soon!; and my SMASH book open at a page relevant to what I'm currently writing (and if you're extra snoopy, you might just make out some words on the screen...eek!)...

Here's a close up of my SMASH pages, which is a kind of mood board for a typical day in my character's dressmaking studio:

Now, you'll have to forgive me - I will be visiting desks over the weekend and not tonight/tomorrow, as the cursor on the screen is flicking and needs more writing to calm it down...! Hope you have a fab WOYWW and see you on the weekend,

~ ttfn ~
PS. Forgot to mention that I've finished the SMASH book dedicated to my novel (and resisted the urge to start another SMASH straight away!) and, to pat my own back, I'm pretty darn pleased with it! Here's the front cover:


  1. Yay for the writing, yay for the smash book and yay for joining in again! Hope you have enjoyed your writing and continue to enjoy using your smash book prompts. Hugs. Take care lovely, Zo xx 82

  2. Brilliant news...write write write whilst the words want to come out! Love the smash book and the reason for it...mine is very very sad by comparison!

  3. wow go you how amazing to be writing you should be very proud of yourself, you seem to have so much inspiration around you
    Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
    Ria #60

  4. Love your crafty space! Happy WOYWW. Karen 129 x

  5. am very snoopy so enlarged and had a good read! Only kidding.
    Karen #64

  6. Happy WOYWW!

    Looks like you're quite busy! Hope it is going well!

    Amy #77

  7. happy to meet you. I don't think I have been here before. I read my "regulars each week then I start choosing random blogs to visit. I am most curious about your daily words of the week in your sidebar. I am going to poke around a bit to see if I can figure out what that's all about.

  8. So glad you're writing. And congrats on finishing the smash book. April #119

  9. Hmmm, yes, I'm extra snoopy when it comes to words and writing (I am a writer too - also founder and editor-in-chief of FEATURING magazine and yes, I wrote that journaling on the layout on my blog) ... but what was I saying.. oh yes, I could read some of the words on your screen but not enough to make the story. I do LOVE your smashbook! Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier, have a nice weekend! Marit #79

  10. Thanks for dropping by ...I never get to everyone now a days but I always drop by those who visit me.Your smash book for notes is a great idea. I do not think I will ever complete a book ...I have ideas and once I get a few chapters written I dont think its any good and put it away ... or bin it. Once I started one that my son caught sight of ...he loved it ...I wasn't sure ...I 'filed it' away and years later someone wrote a very similar story ...should have continued it !!!!
    If you like posh teas you would have loved my treat ....see post above woyww xxangie 58

  11. It all sounds and looks so very exciting. Dressmaking is really popular as a topic since the latest TV series so it sounds a good theme for a book too. Love the cut outs on your smash book!
    Thanks for popping in on me too, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Jo x

  12. Dressmaking is a long time love of mine, now its cheaper to buy
    Bridget #38

  13. Deb, what a great idea to create a Smash book for your novel! It must be so much more inspirational than just a character sketch on the computer screen. Hope the writing continues to go well. ~ Laura #95 (Thanks for the visit.)

  14. I am so late ....sorry. But I had to stop by and say hello and thanks for visiting. Then I find you are writing a book. wow that is an impressive desk what a great idea and your smash album is wonderful.


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