Sunday, 7 April 2013

Preparation for Lift-Off

It’s a scary thing, leaving safety behind.

Novel Number Two has been rattling around in my dusty attic of a creative mind for, oh, probably about five years now (and it’s still not bloody written, I hear you wail!), and I’ve always known the basic arc of the story and how it’ll end. But now, I’m about to lift-off into the unknown...

I’ve been writing/mulling over/tinkering with (delete as applicable – though it has been new, fresh words, not a rehash of things done before!) two individual scenes for each of my main characters; comfortable, risk-free scenes because I’ve played them over and over in my mind so much! But now I’m only a few hundred words from finishing them and beginning an event, an exchange, an interplay I haven’t planned to the nth degree!

Precautions and preparations have been taken, of course: notes to hand for reassurance, but not too close for over-reliance; SMASH book scrapbook propped up to give characterisation help; research file divided up into the way I think and approach (which might be confusing if anyone else was to read it...!); books on dressmaking/sewing looked through and considered; tea-bags stocked up for the next year; spare printer cartridge primed and ready.

This writing-book-wise, I’m trying a few new things, launching away from my old ways. For all my note-taking and planning, I haven’t plotted this book step-by-step, point-by-point, number-by-number – I did this for Book One and it bloated my thoughts and text. Instead, I’m thinking a scene at a time, putting myself into the character’s path and wondering what’s at the forefront of their mind, their experience (or I will be, as soon as I get writing the fresh stuff!) – and I’m naming each scene around its broad theme, not numbering it. Oh no. Numbers lead to lists, to ranking of importance, to a linear progression, which killed my spontaneity last time, so I don’t want that now!

I’ve also picked up a tip from a blog/article/rambling somewhere, to choose a different font for each project and for each narrative voice. Now, let’s get the professionalism out of the way: when submitting (for competition, consideration or publication) one always uses Times New Roman or Arial, no flouncy, funny stuff or unnecessary bold and italics, and keep it to size 12, double spaced. Thank you. But I’m not submitting, am I?! I’m a long, long way from that and if I start thinking about it, everything just gets too scary... So, let me catch my breath and keep it real-ish with Garamond and Perpetua, both clear, typed fonts (not handwriting – but I’m using that for the header titles!), as well as having some artsy, bespoke fun!

So, in just a few days, I will be lifting off in my metaphorical space capsule, seeking new life and new story happenings... Wish me luck!

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  1. Wishing you so much luck it's unreal! I've really enjoyed how you've approached this novel. all the creative play instead of lists and notes to cram every hole of possible happenings! So be free my friend and write away! And of course I am here to help, read, cheer on in any way needed. Take care Zo xx


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