Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WOYWW 209, the Crop and some Homework!

Hello What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday-ers, hope you're all well. Check this out, I'm posting early (for me, at least)!...but I'm late mentioning how wonderful, friendly and inspiring the WOYWW Crop was on Saturday! Thanks to the lovely but, alas, too-modest Julia and equally lovely and fab foodie Lunch Lady Jan for the organising and hosting - but more of this in a mo!

First, then, my, counter... You see, I have no space in my writing room (also known as the cupboard under the stairs) to craft, so I have to do it in the kitchen...

I stack everything around the hardly-ever used microwave...and on top of it! To the right are storage boxes housing my (growing!) collection of stamps and inks, with the basket of washi tapes and string/bakers twine, covered by my funky apron (I hate getting messy!). To the left are re-purposed (thank you Kirsty Allsop for the term!) Mini Cheddar tins from Christmas, in which live glues, scissors and craft knife, and ribbons respectively. On top of said microwave is a guillotine salvaged from a colleague's clear-out, stacked with things I Need To Finish.

In front is the piece de new SMASH Book!

I made the first one as a characterisation and scene aid for my novel-in-progress, but this SMASH is all about me...hence the scrabble tiles in my initials, the chipboard tree standing for family and the roots they've given me, and the Tim Holtz pen nib made into a quill is, obviously, all about the writing-ness of my life.

This is what I've been doing since the Crop on Saturday, and why I must visit you all in little bits over the next few days...because I've spent the first part of my week off crafting and organising crafting, and not a word has been written...oops! As many of us do, I've kept a box of mementos for years, and am now going to SMASH I've gone through the book deciding which page suits which event, and I've organised possible papers, toppers and candy for each one in an old, hacked-up cereal box...

Now, to the Crop! I had a great time - everyone was friendly, fun and generous, both with ideas/suggestions and with stash they no longer wanted...Shaz, I'm talking about you! Thanks to all of you lovely people for making it such a creative and inspiring atmosphere...and sorry to those I didn't get to chat to, 'cause I was such a keener and got crafting straight away! (Blame a stressy couple of weeks at work and lack of opportunity...)

Plus, I learned new vocab, too:
Taking inspiration = to have a nose at what everyone else is doing (!)
Going in a new direction = making an awful bodge and then salvaging it (!!)

Here are the cards I made throughout the day (I should say I'd already inked the backgrounds weeks ago and was waiting to finish them off) and a few inky-play stamps that have yet to find their homes...

And, finally, I'd better hand in my homework... Julia and Jan gave us goody bags with a card blank, paper, buttons and a piece of ribbon (I'm not mentioning the chocolate buttons I scoffed - ! - but thanks, Jan, for the lovely handmade tissue-holder) - so here is the card I made with the goodies:

I took inspiration from the crown paper and came up with the sentiment, then stamped inside using a Portabello Road stamp I had free with a magazine, then used stick-on pearls to finish it off...I only hope I won't get detention for 'forgetting' to use two of the buttons (they didn't suit the royal theme, you see...)!

Right, time has ticked and I MUST away and WRITE MY NOVEL! (Not the whole thing in one chunk, I hasten to add, but a scene will do!).

~ ttfn ~


  1. Get writing, Deb!! Can't believe you have your stash in the kitchen (mind you I have a little more...) your homework card - and the ones you did at crop - look great. It was lovely to see you again. Till next year! Helen, 5

  2. What a wonderful Smash book! I too have done my WOYWW about a smash book, that may or may not be a smash book!
    Paisley and Brown Paper #88

  3. Hi Debs your post made me smile - especially the Me Smash - long story and you had to have been there but a happy memory - thank you! Your homework card is great and that elephant is super cute! Have a great week MMx #68

  4. It was so lovely to see you, Deb! Although I wished I'd had more time just to sit and natter...but hey ho, next time, eh? Your cat cards turned out well, as did your 'homework'!!
    I like repurposing too!! Lol
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  5. Looks like you all had so much fun at the crop, wish I could have been there, but at least I got to meet Jan and Julia a few weeks before in Salisbury. I like how you use your microwave too, best use for it if you ask me!! Lovely cards you made, at least someone got some work done!

    Brenda 96

  6. I LOVE how you turned the Tim Holtz nib into a quill pen! I have to try that sometime! Your book came out great! I love how you have all your stuff together for your SMASH BOOK. What fun! Winnie#79

  7. Hi Debs, it was lovely to meet you all- we had such fun, didn't we? I'm pleased all the flowers went to good homes, lol. and thank you so much for the beautiful Thank You card that arrived this morning- I'm loving the Happy Mail this crop has generated!I've 'taken Inspiration', rofl, to have a go at an art journal, and I really, really love the' going in a new direction' I'll remember that phrase, it's the story of my life, :). Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #33

  8. Well look at you! I'm so proud. I'm loving your crafty journey that runs along with the writing, I'm thrilled how you've taken it all on and gone with it and found ways to express yourself. your cards are fab, love the cat one, it's my fav which is funny as I'm not a cat person as such as you know!! Looking forward to seeing the Me Smash too. Go write my lovely! Take care Zo xx 65

  9. Hi Debs
    I love your smash book and your cards are really lovely, it sounds like everyone had a great time at the crop
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #39

  10. Love the organised bits and pieces ready to SMASH!! Made me laugh that you craft around the microwave - the time to worry is when you start using it as a craft cupboard! x

  11. Looks like you've been busy. Such wonderful work! I love the idea of a smash book for all the things collected troughout the years. That's going to be some book!
    Happy WOYWW xx

  12. I have wanted to do a Smash Book since they first started appearing......someday I'll get my act together and pray it turns out as well as yours. I grade your homework with an A+
    Krisha #11

  13. Am deligthed you enjoyed Saturday, I know I did too! Despite not actually 'doing' anything, I didn't get much chatting done either, but I did do a lot of listening and looking...all fodder for the writing as you would say! You're the only one so far that has made a card...well done you - and it's a great one too!

  14. I think that the kitchen is the only room left in the house that hasn't got some of my craft stuff in it! Sounds like you had a great time on Saturday. Happy (late) WOYWW. Pam#9

  15. Way to make a girl feel bad about how little she achieved! I love your cards, the composition and the colours. Really beautiful. I'm so glad I met you on Saturday. Hopefully we'll meet up again.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Love Rachel #29

  16. Oh wow, I don't think I could mix the kitchen with crafting, something would get mixed up, grease on crafting, ink in food - not to mention glitter! You are brave!

    Love the cards, and my Things I Need To Finish piles are all over the place! New vocab is spot on, and I like that Queen for a day card, has given me ideas for all that patriotic stuff I seem to have acquired!

    Happy WOYWW,

    Cazzy x #147

  17. I used to craft in the kitchen/lounge/dining room before I got a dedicated craft room - everything is still everywher but at least I don't have to tidy up before I can cook dinner lol!!

    lovely smash book - look forward to seeing more pages - maybe bring it with you to show at next crop :-)
    Debs #74


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