Wednesday, 6 March 2013


The Time Imps have done it again – dispensed with the other days in the week so it’s suddenly Wednesday! I’m not ready for this week’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday as I haven’t finished looking at last week’s desks, but the Time Imps don’t do refunds so I’d better get on with thanking host Julia and start sharing my desk! doesn’t look any different to last week, though my Smash Book has moved from the poky writing desk to the top of the microwave (which is rarely used – no need to worry about smoke damage!). It’s still waiting for those final double-spreads to be crafted, but in the meantime I have been busy tap, tap, tapping...

Typewriters are a huge symbol to me of writing and the toil it takes, and, in this way, just looking at one is like a kick up the behind! I’ve been planning to make three typewriter canvases for my hallway (which I enter as I head to my scriptorium where the writing desk resides) since well before Christmas, and I’ve finally managed to do one! Here are my ingredients:

I matted a funky retro image of a woman typing onto card and cut it out, then printed my chosen phrase in two different fonts. Using my fab friend Zoe's That Special Touch Stone Wall mask, I stamped Antique Linen Distress ink straight onto the canvas, and took a chance spritzing water to react with the ink for a shabby chic effect (this was the first time I'd used this technique - thank you, Zoe, for teaching me!).

While that dried, I played around with the fonts, testing which looked better inked with either Antique Linen or, erm, tea bags! (Zoe hates me doing this, especially after her fab blending lessons, but I have to say it carried the colour better!). Making the most of the mask, I stencilled a brick outline around each word, cut them out and edged them with Walnut Stain.

Laying the words out on the wall-canvas, I took my time till I was happy with the placement, then used sticky squares to attach the typing image and the brick-words to achieve depth voila! The finished canvas:

It’s now up on the wall, awaiting the others for a writing inspiration party... I’ve thought and roughed out what I want to do with each one, but I’m learning to let ideas percolate and adapt and take on new guises, so who knows how they'll turn out...!

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  1. Hi Debs - love your canvas, simple yet so elegant and I love your text. Thanks for visiting me today and the syringe - it's for applying PinFlair silicone glue - and proper good it is too! Enjoy the rest of your WOYWW MM x #99

  2. ooh your canvas is fabulous - the image is gorgeous and I love the brick background. I bet it looks amazing on your wall! Last week (the Miles Davis card) you asked if my husband played - no he doesn't, he just listens. Have a fab week xx #100

  3. I love your writing muse, what a great idea to have the canvasses lead to the room you write in!

    Brenda 104

  4. I like the image and the words. They go together perfectly!

    Happy woyww,

    Sandy #122

  5. Love your piece! I used to be a typist on a old manual machine (used to type checks!) and I love those old images, and the one you used with the lady had me smiling. Hope you get to spend time on your writing, sounds like a great group! Enjoy the day! Winnie#78

  6. What a fab canvas, it brings back memories of my very first typewriter.
    I was about six and had always wanted a portable typewriter. My brother used to work for the publishers Hodder and Stoughton and he was given one of those big old black ones for me, that took three people to lift,……hardly portable, Lol.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @86

  7. I love your canvas it is so nice to see an old fashions typewritter how I remember using them
    Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
    Ria #39

  8. It looks fab lovely, I'll let you off the teabag bit! I'm really enjoying showing you different crafty things and then seeing how you've grown into it all. I'm more thrilled that it's inspiring you writing-wise and that by craft you are developing ideas and characters. Can't remember if you have Tea Dye Distress ink.....anyway that's darker than Antiques linen but if your tea bags work then go with it!!!!! Your use of the stencil is super and I'm so glad it's all come together. Looking forward to the others now. Take care, enjoy desk dashing this week. Zo xx 92 (Yours is the only desk I've visited so far cos of sleep and footy!)

  9. Fab canvas :)
    Happy Wednesday

  10. I do like the wall and the image of the typist. Will be good to see them all together eventually.

  11. How fun. And what a great guide you have in `zoe..her product knowledge and ideas are blimmin infinite. I love your canvas and the ideas behind it..I can relate too, it's the fonts not the actual typewriters that I use for inspiration!

  12. Happy WOYWW. I am loving all typed lettering at the moment. Fab canvas. Ali x #22, with candy

  13. What a lovely canvas and I love the idea of having it somewhere to inspire you! I definitely need to do this! Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww. Liz at 147 x


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