Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Well, hello, World of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday! I've been online-absent for a while, but I have been crafting up a storm so I've got something to show for it, at least! That's when I'm not falling down the rabbit hole of Pinterest, though - a wonderful site that is perfect for us nosey peeps; you're welcome to visit the Pinterest Penpot and see what I've been up to!

But what does my desk look like, I hear you cry? Here she is...

My almost-completed Smash Book sits on the laptop stand (the laptop is with me in the lounge; as my writing room is the cupboard-under-the-stairs there is no window, and the sun is shining so I can't ignore it, or I mightn't see it again for the rest of the week!); while my Novel Number Two notebook (fabulously fashion-themed with a sewing machine on the cover) is on the book-stand - it's waiting for me to use it again to write some more narrative, but I've only got 2 double-spread pages left to fill of my Smash Book...
It's all connected, though, so hopefully Novel Number Two will let me off! I'm using the pink Smash Book as a characterisation and plotting aid, using scrapbooking techniques to capture personalities, atmospheres and happenings. It's been a real boost to my craft- and writing- creativity and I've really enjoyed doing it! I hope you'd like to see some pages as much as I'd like to share them with you:
As Novel Number Two is about Lilli, a dressmaker, I knew I needed to get her designing and see her scribbles...
...and it's also about her daughter, Anna, who follows in her mother's footsteps - but I needed to see how she'll indulge her love of handbags when she should be sketching clothes!

When I visited Paris in 2011 (was it really over a year ago?!), I was most inspired by the Musee d'Orsay and decided my characters should be too. To start with, my love of these Smash Book library pages stopped any intentions of using them for a lay-out, until I was looking at my pics of the Musee and realised the mix of art and books, gallery and library worked wonders!

Another Parisian favourite was Laduree and their delicious macaroons - and again, my characters had to copy! Lucky I did some research, though, as there was only 4 flavours when Lilli would've been in Paris, while 20-odd years later, lucky Anna gets the pick of 26 or so!
I have a feeling I shall have to finish the Smash Book before I can get on with some more narrative writing, but that shan't be long in coming! Have a fab week all,
~ ttfn ~


  1. Hello! How funny the one week I'm not baring my desk, you are! So I feel that my creative inspiration is at least a little on show by association. Ha ha. I'm loving your Smash pages, so fab esp. your museum pages & macaroons. How lucky were we to have such a choice! I feel a little guilty introducing you to the hour eating interests that are smash and Pinterest but I'm thrilled that they inspire you so, and that you are using them for your writing. Much hugs. Take care Zo xx

  2. Your smash book is fabulous! So creative! I am still avoiding Pinterest - I am scared of the time it will steal! Have a good week xx #138

  3. What a wonderful idea combining your crafting and writing together. I may suggest this to my daughter, she is a writer as well.

  4. Hi thanks for paying me a visit today, Wow loved the tour through your smash book so many interesting snippets, of drawings, words and pictures. I love the colours in the picture of the macaroons. It reminds me of when I was little and I got my first paint box, and even now when I open my box of embroidery silks, magical. or is it just me lol.
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie

  5. Cool books! Pinterest oh yea ...been awhile since I visited. I get too busy and 8:00 pm I'm headed to sleeps ville. :) have a great weekend! Happy WOYWW! Nan #1

  6. Oh what a wonderful Smash Book! Love all the up close shots!!

  7. How interesting to use the two together! Creative I say!!!! Creative! thank you for the lovely visit!

  8. I went onto Pinterest for 5 minutes 3 hours later I was still there so I haven't been back as it's dangerous there. Love the pages you have shared with us, good luck with finishing the Smash Book. Tracy #72

  9. Your sketches and pictures are great. That last one makes me want something sweet. April #151


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