Thursday, 24 May 2012


...for being rather blog-shy of late!  When I started the Pen Pot last August, I aimed to post 2-3 times a week, and while I don't harangue myself if I don't quite meet this target, it is a goal that I want to keep.  A goal, though, that sometimes doesn't get scored when Life gets in the way - both from an everyday and a creative point of view!

Since finishing my poetry Sequence, I've been resting from creativity (i.e. drinking lots of tea, sleeping lots, and watching just a bit too much TV!).  My next project is beginning the thinking and note-taking process of the long-muttered-about Novel Number Two...and I'm doing something on Sunday that will kick-start this with a bang!

So, Sunday.  Gatwick airport.  Me there, travelling alone (eek!).  Destination: Vienna.  Reason for holiday: visiting my good, dear friend Charlotte.  Creative inspiration: the very fact that I, Miss Countryside Lass, will be flying abroad on her very own-some (though met at the airport by Charlotte!) - just as one of my characters will be doing, very soon, as she chases something she can't quite catch.  You've got to write what you know, see?!

After a long coach journey, I shall be refreshing myself at Gatwick with observations of airport life and airport people...and the obligatory cup of tea, of course!  I shall note down my thoughts about travelling alone (and not being a business-person, bustling about on business, business!), and how this might affect my characterisation of Anna.  Yep, there you go: the first Novel Number Two tidbit - the main character's name is Anna.  A well-used name, yes, but just right for this character, I believe (though I reserve the right to change it as time and writing goes along!).  What will she make of her flight away; what will worry, please and motivate her about her trip?  Ah, you'll have to wait and see!

Writing thoughts aside, this trip to Vienna is a much looked-forward to and much needed! holiday, and so I am apologising, too, that I shall be blog-absent for a little while longer...

...but I'll be rambling-back very soon, hopefully with some let's-get-the-ball-rolling NNT scribbles!

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  1. Go girl! I can't wait to hear all about it. Take care. Zo xx


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