Thursday, 3 November 2011

Paris Bound

Just tomorrow to go, then I will be in Paris!  Saturday will be the first of five days soaking up the atmosphere, seeing the sights, and sitting in the cafes people-watching.  After each day full of culture, I’ll be writing in the evenings back at the hotel...and though this will be all to do with Novel Number Two, it probably won’t be narrative (though you never know!).  It’ll be a mix of observations and place descriptions, notes, character sketches, snatches of dialogue, the odd scene here and there, and any other inspiration that comes my way!  All this will flavour and texture Novel Number Two, as well as motivate, enthuse and invigorate me.

Forgive me, but I don’t want to say too much about Novel Number Two's title, plot and theme just yet, because I don’t want to jinx myself before beginning the actual narrative writing of it!  It’s my goal, though, to start the proper writing (i.e. the stuff that comes after the planning, note-taking and research) before New Year – so I’ll fill you in as I go!

You’ll be having a holiday from me while I’m away, as I’m not taking my laptop.  Now, I do know that the internet exists in other countries and that I can access it via wireless technology (see, I’m a technophobe no longer!), but I have the kind of clumsy bad luck that stabs me in the back.  If I take the laptop, Bad Luck will ensure that it somehow is deprogrammed by cabin pressure, crushed by a monolith of a suitcase, stolen in a case of cash-in-the-briefcase mistaken identity (imagine how gutted the thieves would be!), or dropped down a skyscraper staircase as I juggle the key to the hotel room...  You get the picture.

So, I’m playing it safe and going vintage for the week – notebook, journal and pens only!  When I get back, I promise I’ll post all things Paris...

Au revoir for now!

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  1. Eeek so excited! Am looking forward to sharing this fab experience with you & hopefully observing something useful that will help you with your research! Lol Though I'm not sure if Zoe style = Paris style! xx


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