Monday, 14 November 2011

Back in Blighty

Bonjour, hello, hope you’re well and apologies that I’ve not been about since I landed back in Blighty last Wednesday night...I’ve been relaxing, lazing and reading in the post-Paris days of my holiday, but am back to work and real-life tomorrow afternoon!

So, Paris.  Wow.  Did my friend Zoe and I enjoy our trip?  Absolutely (see Zoe’s take on it at her blog: ).  Did I see many sights?  Loads.  Take a camera-full of photos?  Oh yes.  Was I inspired?  Most definitely.  Will I be sharing all this with you?  Certainly.  And, of course, the biggie – did I write?, not as much as I’d hoped. 

I discovered that, while I took notes and thought a lot about the places we went and the things we saw, that I wasn’t able to write Novel Number Two scenes and sketches because I’ve not yet done a lot of character backgrounds.  It’s hard to envisage your character in a particular cafe and decide what blend of coffee they’d sip/conversation they’d have when you don’t actually know them yet...  It’s also difficult to spy which kind of French hunk they’re likely to be attracted to, choose which building they’ll live in, or figure out how long they’ll be staying in Paris after all.  I’d planned to work on my character backgrounds before going away, but life happens and it gets in the way sometimes – so instead I printed off what information I had, put it in a file and popped it in my case...and didn’t look at it again!  Oops.  But Paris itself was so inviting and involving, and then so tiring by the evenings that a cup of hot chocolate and a good gossip was all we had energy for.

And so, while I still aim to begin proper writing work on Novel Number Two by the New Year, I know now that I need to spend the next couple of months really working on my characters and the interactions, reactions and obstacles they’re going to have.  My poetry sequence may have to go on the backburner or I may be able to juggle a bit of both (jury’s still out on that one!), but I’ve been inspired enough by Paris and relaxed enough since I’ve got back to start socialising with the people who will drive my story...and once I’ve got to know them a bit better, I’ll be a good host and introduce you to a couple, promise!

But in the meantime, look out this week for Paris Posts – snippets and snatches from my five days in the chic capital.

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  1. I just love reliving our adventure, will do a link for you on my next Paris post too. Love the side pic btw. xxx


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