Tuesday, 22 September 2015


[*I've been trying to add a photo of said article, but it's not working grr! I'll try again later!]

Okay, so it is an article in a niche magazine and not a novel - but the words are my own, printed so people can read!

I've always loved cats, and have been reading Your Cat magazine for over a year - and as my cat Ebony is a bit of a special case (ah, bless!), I took the plunge one day and pitched the editor. She said she'd love to include Ebony's story as a True Cat Tale...but couldn't say which issue it would appear in.

Imagine my surprise and delight as I opened the newest issue (October; just gone on sale!) and found 'My Scaredy Cat' listed in the Contents pages... :0)

I'd emailed a few photos of Ebony for possible inclusion, but something even better has happened... Your Cat magazine has commissioned an illustration instead! It's bespoke to Ebony and her story, and is beautifully rendered - thank you Nancy Trott for your excellent work; and thank you Your Cat magazine for the idea!

While it may seem like small fry to some, having this article accepted and seeing it in print is a huge deal to me - because, after dreaming about it since I was a little girl, I'm PUBLISHED at last!

If you would like to read Ebony's story (and the other informative articles, and swoon over some cute pics too...!), pick up a copy of Your Cat magazine (being that it's a niche title, you might have to track it down in bigger newsagents/supermarkets - the sister title, Your Dog, rules the roost at my local Tesco, for example, meaning I get my copy of Your Cat at the newsagent in the next town!)


  1. I didn't comment before, how rude of me! Anyway just wanted to wave my pom poms on here to cheer your fabulous publication news. You are amazing!! Take care Zo xx

  2. Congratulations, Deb. Here's an idea, Your Cat publish stories too ...


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