Sunday, 4 January 2015

Reflect and Redirect

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Here we are, four days into January, and all that Christmas fuss is out of the way for another year (I know, I know, I'm such a bah humbug - but that's just how I roll) - and while I do hate to follow the crowd (as one of my besties rightly says, 'Be a goat not a sheep' - thanks, Zoe!), it really does feel like the time to reflect and redirect. (Oh, my bah humbug-self does hope you had a good Christmas and New Year, by the way!)

Reflection: 2014 Pats-on-the-Back
  • Craft continued - shared over making cards and scrapbook pages, and sewing a footstool, toaster cover and a phone charger bag.
  • Cupcake baking begun and, if I do say so myself (!), aced:

  • Ebony welcomed home and settled in:

  • 44 books read - while writing...
  • 70, 295 words of Novel Number Two (that's 70,295 words everybody - whoop, whoop!) - which equates to 15 chapters (and, when added to 2013's chapters, makes 32 completed ones...)

Redirection: 2015 Get-Goings
  • Admit I need to rest and relax when I get in from work, BUT don't slump in front of the TV all evening...
  •, at 9 p.m., used my second-wind (I'm a definite owl, you see, not a lark) to get an hour or two of writing/planning/crafting done.
  • Continue crafting, sewing and baking.
  • Finish the two chapters-on-the-go by the end of this week (Sunday 11th). Achieved by Sat 10th!
  • Write the (estimated) remaining 5 chapters by the end of February, which will complete the entire first draft.
  • Leave Novel Number Two ALONE for 3 months...
  • ...and do other things!
  • Begin editing NNT after these 3 months, so (hopefully!) from 1st June.
  • Research agents to submit to.
  • Write covering letter and synopsis.
  • Submit by the end of summer/beginning autumn.
  • Start the next book...!

I could (probably should!) add in 'Go for a walk every day', 'Lose the million of stones you're overweight by' and 'Actually get your hair trimmed every three months' - but I know I won't do any of these, and pressuring myself will only make me dour and doubtful. Much better, instead, to focus on making the most of what I can do, and leave room for a little spontaneity (which may turn in to walking, dieting or hair consideration...well, I can try for optimism too, right?!)

Whatever reflections and redirections you have, I wish you all the best with them.

~ ttfn ~ 


  1. Happy New Year Deb. I don't understand how a hair cut appointment every couple of months equates to the pressure of writing a novel, but I hear you about putting oneself under ridiculous pressure!

    1. Tee hee Julia - when a non-writer puts it like that, I suddenly realise how rare I must seem! Lucky there's not more than one of me running around, eh?! Happy New Year to you x

  2. Great post lovely and yes, better to focus on what you will achieve not put yourself under pressure with what you know you won't. Love the whole reflect thing and it's good to set goals for 2015. I have too. But yes we are definitely goats not sheeps but that's good. Very good. it's good to be unique you know! Love Zo xx


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