Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It's Paperback Book Day :0)

Storytelling is blood to people like me - but it requires a teller and a listener, a reader. The way we live our lives is changing due to technology, but the vital thing is that people read - whether this is a continuation of established habits, or converting to new ones via e-readers (especially if it recruits reluctant readers and gets them turning pages, even if they are virtual ones...).

It won't surprise you to know that I am unashamedly a Paper Girl, with hundreds and hundreds (I now feel the need to count them!) of actual, real books and an aversion to technology in many of its forms (!!)...and as it is Paperback Book Day, I wanted to share this quote:

"One paperback is better than a dozen Kindles. Two paperbacks are better still."
~ Dame Stephanie Shirley

Right on, Dame Shirley! Now, please excuse me while I go and count my books and get lost in the wonderful world of paper...!

~ ttfn ~

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  1. Indeed you are a paper girl. But then so am I really. Yes I have the virtual option but I turn to paper all of the time. It's that physical-ness of holding the book, turning the page and the smell of paper too. As much as I love my gadgets they can't recreate that. Take care Zo xx


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