Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Daze

I'm cheating this month, and in lieu of a proper me-post*, I've taken the below from Writers Write, a fab website which I look at every day (especially the 'Creative Writing Blog', where fab literary/writing quotes are posted...) :

* Blame the month of whole-house-decorating/rush to find a handyman to fit interior doors asap/cat-search and home check...which has resulted in a new cat, yay! Problem is, she's the nervous, non-human-socialised cat I didn't intend to come home with, and has been hiding under my sofa for the last week...but I couldn't leave her at the shelter, as she'd already been there for six months and no one had shown her any interest - ahhh! Her name is Ebony and she's ten months old, and when she finally stops hiding and I can take a photo, I'll share it with you! After a busy month, I've only managed 4, 899 words of Novel Number Two, which after last month's mega wordcount of 10, 725 is a tad poor! Still, I have the next four days off work so I intend to rectify the wordcount plummet...!

~ ttfn ~

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