Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday # 216

*Oops! I scheduled the post...but forgot to link it! How silly of me. Doing so now, on Thursday morning...

Wow, it’s been ages. Absolutely ages since I’ve What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday'd. Firstly, I must apologise to those lovely peeps who looked at and commented on my last WOYWW post, #209 back on 5th June, because I didn’t get to reciprocate – you are my priority visits today!
So, why have I been absent? Well, I won’t bore you with the detailed report, but the subheadings would be: Troublesome Car and the Search for its Replacement; Cat Crisis: Feline Asthma; Work Summer-Sale Stress; Will The Bloody Cat Ever Take Her Tablets?; Writing Well: 2 More Chapters Down (5 in total); New Car Niggles; and finally, for this week,
Everything Seems to be Settling Down – Phew.
’Nuff said, then!  
So, here is what’s on my desk, the kitchen worktop, today:

It's the first of three 'Writing Me' layouts in my Smash Book - each of which will be journalling pages, recording memories and things important to me. This one captures the 'Early Writing Me', with a thank-you letter to my parents, typed on their gift of my very first typewriter (lush!); and a tag noting the titles of my early stories.
I've used a Qwerty Embossing Folder for the edge-frames, and a lady-typing embossing folder (donated by my lovely friend Zoe- ta, hon!) for the bottom left accent, and the up-in-the-air-pages part of a typewriter stamp for the top right.
The tag was inked ages ago, with Zoe's tutelage and water-splodge effects along with my first ever typewriter stamp (I now have three. Ahem!). I've journalled in cranberry ink to echo the colour accent on the other page, and added scaled-down scanned copies of photos of my typewriter in action
back in the day!
A Papermania typewriter button and two deep-violet ones and a stamped-on-kraft-paper jigsaw puzzle piece completes the page.
This is the second 'Writing Me' layout, this time based around my writing at school. I've used a poem I wrote a while ago called 'A Piece of History' (which is about how my essay-homeworks enthused my teachers, and how this in turn inspired me) and inked around the edges of it. I've added the actual teacher-comments on that real homework beneath, and, on the other page, copies of my fab English teacher's encouraging remarks.
The pen nib and 'artist' tag stamps are borrowed from Zoe (ta, hon!), and the paper aeroplane and glasses/book stamps are the 'Teeny Boppers' giveaway from the latest issue of Creative Stamping magazine. Oops! There is a gap on the envelope for me to stamp 'School Reports'...must get round to doing this! Inside are, of course, scaled-down copies of some of my school reports...might sound sad to some, but while school was awkward socially (and numerically - I'm crap at Maths!) for me, it was a boon for my writing. This is why there's a 2-piece jigsaw stamp on this page, as I'm recording how my writing journey improved...
I plan to do a third layout entitled 'My Writing Successes (yes, there are some!)', with a 3-piece jigaw puzzle stamp, but I've not got there yet!
Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday and I'll see you at your desks :0)
~ ttfn ~


  1. Both super fab pages and I love how you have accented them, those stamps and embossing folders work and it's my pleasure to lend you things. You know that Hon!. Lush to see you sharing WOYWW again. Take care Zo xx 91

  2. Well, Deb you made it back at least - hope your life sorts itself out!! Helen 7

  3. Lovely pages of great memories so very important to you. Keep them in mind as you move forward with your writing. Well done.
    Margaret #32

  4. wow those are two fantastic pages I am loving the attention to detail and these will be so wonderful to look back on in years to come
    Sending hugs on WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #44

  5. Your journal pages look so pretty. And welcome back, hopefully things will stay calm for a bit...Brigita #95

  6. oh dear, life does get in the way huh, so glad everything is settling down now, love the old world feel of your book pges
    Bridget #23

  7. Love your "Writing Me" journal, and the layouts are perfect.
    We all deal with lifeinterruptus form time to time. Glad things have calmed down and hope the cat has decided to take the pills.
    Krisha #22

  8. Love your pages, they are fab. Nice to see you again Debs- laughed at the ' will the bloody cat ever take her tablets!' Been there, tried doing that. All those alleged tried & trusted methods resulted in epic fails. Even to holding his mouth shut & stroking his throat till he swallowed. Which he did, finally. So I let him go and he promptly spat the pill onto the floor! Hid it in chicken-his favourite food- so he nibbled all around it & left the bit with the pill in.Cats are way too smart for that sort of thing. Why don't they just make the pills in cat food flavours?Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #70 xx


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