Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 144

Hello and Happy Wednesday to everyone – I was well chuffed that so many of you had a nose around my desk and writing room last week, and really rather touched that a few of you asked me to share more in future thank you, both for the page views and the comments.  Please head on over to Julia at her blog Stamping Ground    to enjoy snooping at some more crafty spaces!

I really enjoyed having a look at all of your desks and seeing what projects you’ve got on the go, are hiding (!) because they’re not quite ready, or the lil bits (as I like to call ’em in my work!) that you’re experimenting with.  You’re all really talented (yes, you are) and I felt a tad performance-challenged, being a writer and not really a craft-er (yet!), and then I got all inspired...and wrote a lil poem about WOYWW that I’d like to share with you now:

A Blog Sensation

It’s Wednesday, and so I sit at the screen and
desk-hop around the world, sharing creativity,
inspiration and accomplishment.  I click and
arrive at people’s posts, have a nose and notice:

reams of paper, all different sizes, spilling off
shelves or stacked high in baskets and crates,
bright colours championing spontaneity while 
sepia tones celebrate feats and days gone by;

pens and markers dripping ink, stamp sets too;
sentiments kind and wishful but thankfully
not too sentimental (!); also many fabrics, with
stitches like bows pulling it all together;

a printer’s block made anew, compartments
filled with knick-knacks and novelties;
a tawny owl, button eyes warm with wisdom
and textured plumage deep with flight;

then there’s all the blogs I didn’t get to see,
some asking questions, others offering advice,
but always, always sharing – so pull up a chair today
and join us at What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

A couple of you asked to see more of my scriptorium (or writing room, but I do like to be a bit flash every now and then!), so here are the Before snaps when it was just a junk-filled cupboard-under-the-stairs:

Here’s the After pics, when it was all fresh and pristine, and really rather boring!  As you can see, I was still technologically-challenged with an ancient desktop computer...

I couldn’t take a Before shot of this angle, as I couldn’t get into the cupboard for all the junk in the way!

...and then the behemoth exploded!  So I had no choice but to finally get ‘with it’ a la laptop, and here is my scriptorium today, with pulled-back views so you can see the space properly:

 Yes, you can still see a red coat (a different one to in the After shots, though!), and your eyes are not deceiving you - that is a mannequin in a red dress, hiding behind the coat!  Red is obviously my favourite colour, but the mannequin is there to inspire me for Novel Number Two, which is based around a dressmaker...

You can just see a sign on the ceiling, on a cloudy blue paper - it's for those moments when I sign, struggling, and sit back and raise my eyes to the heavens! 
To spur me on, it says:
'Your imagination is your limitation.'

As to what’s actually on my desk this Wednesday...well, it’s the same as last week, I’m afraid!  You know how it feels when Life and its Daily Drudgeries interrupt your creative vibe?  Well, that's exactly what’s happened to me this past week...oops.  Next week, though, I’m on holiday from work and hope to work on the final 2 poems in my sequence, so come back for WOYWW 145 to see if I’ve managed to get on with it!

Hope your week has been a good one – thanks for popping by the Pen Pot, and I’ll see you over at your desks in the next few days:0)


  1. Fab poem! Love what you've included as I can recall seeing some of them here & there! Love the before and after shots too as I haven't seen what it was like before, though obviously I've seen it now! Take care, enjoy this WOYWW & I'm off to snoop! Wonder how many I'll get round today? Zo xx 62

  2. Fab poem and a great post, love all the photos of your craft room :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  3. I love your little scriptorium, it is amazing, love that you have the mannequin in there to give you inspiration, look forward to your 2nd novel!
    by the way, I just have to call my next craft room the craftorium, love it!
    happy WOYWW, Debxx #14

  4. Love the gorgeous scriptorium!!!! Lots of ideas and imagination working together there. Thanks for sharing. Karen 139 x

  5. I'm impressed with how much you can pack in both before and after! Lovely to have a poem dedicated to us too.

  6. And to say word verification is on, if you didn't know.

  7. Now this is why you will become one of my favorite WOYWW posts to visit, I love that you have a manequin in your little area! Awesome! And your cozy space is just perfect for writing because if you had a huge area then all the ideas whirling around you would lost in the open air, here they fly about your head and then go back into your brian when your ready for them! waving hi from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

  8. Thanks for showing us your scriptorium. I have to admit that all those notes on the walls and ceiling would distract rather than inspire me, but thankfully we are all motivated by different things. It is good to find someone who still appreciates the sound of words. My son is like that but he uses his to write songs. Keep them flowing. Love and hugs, Kate 90 x

  9. what a bloomin wonderful space to create!!

  10. Wonderful post and super poem, love your space and the mannequin to inspire you for your second novel, Fabulous, what is the title of your first novel I would love a read!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful word filled creative week, Hugs May x x x

  11. What a wonderful little space you have created ... Thank you so much for sharing with us ... And your little poem too! Catherine 176

  12. Wow - lots of sharing going on here! What an amazing poem and filled with so much truth and recognition about how we crafters work. And your scriptorium - holy moly, you've managed to make such a tiny space look like a creative, inspiring place to work! And it's all yours. Congrats for managing to carve a space just for you - that's usually really hard! Thanks for the visit & kind words.

  13. Wow! It's amazing what one can organize under a stairway!

    I can share a window with you on my blog:)

    Your writing is so lovely.

  14. Love your wee cute room!Happy woyww have creative week Hugs Judex 9

  15. what a fab space you have to keep all your crafty mess I mean ness!

  16. Sorry...forgot this bit..Have a great crafty week. Thank you for my snoop! Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) was #27 now #26

  17. Howdy,
    Happy WOYWW!

    Nifty workspace - I have a SCRIPTORIUM too! But mine is a jumbled mess disaster. The table is so covered with supplies, there's no way I can write in there :-(

    thanks for the peek.

    Would love for you to visit my blog, and become a follower when you have a moment or 2. Also, get Freebies to celebrate my 2nd blogoversary!

    'LuLu' #169

  18. You certainly make the most of your tiny space, and I love your poetry and inspiration words. Have a great week. xx Maggie #8

  19. Hi Deb, thank you for visiting today. I know I have already left a comment but I had to say "yes, I do lose things and find them much later". I also dump things into boxes, and find them even later than that, as you will see if you look at my post today. The cards there are all a result of going through pushed aside stuff, and using it. it is a little on teh stone wall principle (if you pick up a piece of stone, you have to put it in the wall you are building). If you pick up a piece of craft material from the bits and pieces box, then it has to be used straight away, and not put back. xx Maggie
    PS when I clean the powder off my Versamark card I will post about the results and how it succeeded or failed.


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