Sunday, 12 February 2012

Things That Catch My Eye III

Carrying on from Things That Catch My Eye I and II a while ago, I’ll close this spotting-and-catching-inspiration trilogy of posts here with two more things that make me stop and wonder:

Striking Photography

Visual art is something which has always had an influence on me – my love of paintings and landscapes aside, I write using lots of imagery and metaphor, and most of this is fixed to a visual element or indicates one.  Since I joined the home-Internet revolution (always a bit of a late starter, me!), I’ve been nosing on newspaper websites (a bit of a news junkie, I don’t take a daily newspaper...because I hate the thought of wasted copies having to be recycled!  Trees, my beloved trees...!) – and found some fab photos that I’d never come across any other way.  I also like to browse Google Images and other photo sites.  Startling, beautiful, poignant, provoking...the images I find are all that and more.


Unfortunately, my love-of-trees doesn’t extend to writing paper – I like my notebooks, journals and scraps-of-paper-when-the-moment-strikes way too much!  I’ll only buy paper that I like and will use (plain, preferably, and certainly not heavy-lined – ugh!) – but with so many sheets flying around, I need something to keep them in place... 

So in step my trusty paperweights.  I’ve only got two (rather sparse, compared to my 70+ handbags!  Yes, really.  I have a problem, I know).  One paperweight was my Mum’s and is blue and white and makes me think of magic and space.  The other is bigger, tawny like a tiger’s eye, and robust – it does the job while the other one sits on my shelf, looking pretty (and mysterious and questing...).  Having them around, though, is essential – they’re a tool of the writer’s trade, help keep me from losing things, and inspire thoughts of orbs and spheres, crystals and stones, other worlds and travelling to them...which I do every time I write!

There are a few more inspirations/influences to talk about (fabrics, handwriting, and tea cups/pots), so watch out for a later sequel to the trilogy of oddities!

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  1. I love your 'love' of pictures and of paperweights too, in fact I fell in love with mine that you bought me and often look at others but again like you I'll only buy if they really catch my eye. Your love of notebooks etc has rubbed off on me and now we both ooh and aah over them! Long may that continue. Zo x


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