Sunday, 29 January 2012

Creative Round-Up

I’ve had this past week off from work, and I’m pleased to say it has been a very creative holiday – and I thought I’d share with you how:

1.      A week ago yesterday, I saw Sister Act at the Hippodrome – this has always been a favourite film of mine, and, while different, the stage show was no disappointment.  A fab, fun time – and a reminder of the adrenaline that the audience feels when an art production is executed well.

2.      Working on the notes for and writing two different poems (though both in my early-writing-influences sequence) – and bringing both to the Second Draft stage.  Time and distance is now needed for a fresh perspective to take each to the next level.

3.      Keeping up with the interesting (hopefully!) blog posts – I’ve written a couple in reserve, ready for the not-so-creative moments in the week ahead!

4.      Receiving two lovely and imaginative letters from my good friend Charlotte – she’s a English teacher living in Vienna, and she’s a writer too; it’s been great timing this week to be able to share and respond to her creative playfulness, so thank you, Charlotte!

So while I didn’t end up on a Girl’s Night Out with my main characters from Novel Number Two, I didn’t anticipate accomplishing two poems – and, besides, there’s a Friday night in every week, so I’ll be joining my girls for a gossipy, giggly time very soon!

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  1. Sometimes life takes over - I'm supposed to be writing an article but am not feeling the words today! Am sure they'll come when I need them tho. Go you with the poems! xx


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