Sunday, 25 September 2011

Forgive My Silence

I have been quarantined in silence this past week, due to suffering severe laryngitis.  Which requires silence to recover.  Yes, that’s right – me, silent; unable to utter, chatter or giggle.  Not nice, not right, not Deb!  Doctor’s orders was to rest my voice, take analgesics and drink lots of fluid, and I’ve obeyed these – but felt bored and a little lonely without conversation.  Added to which, I’ve generally felt as if I’ve been run over by a chariot of war-horses, my throat a battle of a thousand swords, slicing and gorging each time I swallow.

Creativity has been cowardly during this illness-siege, hiding until it’s safe to come out...

Hopefully, it is now – the danger is past and I have a voice, though it is still scratchy and squeaky in places (making my giggle sound even more like Mutley from the Wacky Races than usual).  While I’ve been horrendously ill, I’ve been reading, and managed to be craft-creative with new pictures and sayings for the walls of my writing room, the scriptorium.  Printing the quotations out in fancy fonts (saddo, I know, but it’s the digital equivalent of calligraphy and I’ve always wanted swanky handwriting!), I’ve backed them and the pictures onto funky craft paper/card, giving it the Deb-Art-Twist.  Big thanks go to Leigh for donating her unwanted craft supplies several weeks ago – and to Zoe, as always, for her creative craftwork inspiring me to have a go too!

Now I have a new-look scriptorium to inspire me, I just need to track down the Muse to get me back to writing-health again...

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